I have an incurable sweet tooth. Somehow I manage to have at least a small piece of sweet every single day. Despite the ill effects of sugar, I am hooked. Sugar like a lot of other stimulants does lead to a sort of addiction much like nicotine. I cannot help myself from that bits of chocolates, Laddoos, Burfis that seem to seek me out. I am thinking of going sugar free for a few weeks to experiment with myself. More on that later. For now it is all about Burfi.

Burfi is the Indian equivalent of fudge. It is sweet, rich and crumbly, mostly made of fatty milk from native Indian breeds. It has relatively a small list of ingredients but it is the technique that is slightly complicated. Because of the simplicity of the ingredients the quality of the ingredients is what differentiate the end product. Somehow Burfis made from the homogenized milk in the regular American super market can never beat the taste of the ones made from fresh and fatty cow /buffalo milk back home. Again not the homogenized, processed junk that comes in plastic bags in India, they are just as crappy as the ones in the cartons here in America.

Not that I have the perfect Burfi, But I am on the way.  This particular draft has been lying in my folder for three -four years now but somehow I never posted it. Recently I made a batch as a hostess gift at one of the dinner parties we were invited to. Our hosts loved it, so did other guests. So here we do.

We will need,

Milk powder /dry Mawa 2 cups
Evaporated milk  1 small tin

Sugar 3/4 cup
Butter 4 tbsp + extra
Pista 4-5 chopped or Tooti-fruiti  1 tbsp chopped

  • Butter the insides of a baking dish about 8"-10" square. Cover the bottom and  sides with a piece of wax paper. Set it aside.Take a small bowl of water and set it aside.
  • Combine the milk powder, evaporated milk, sugar and the 4 tbsp butter in a sauce pan. Stir using a wire whisk to make sure there are no lumps. Set the pot on medium heat and stir constantly. 
  • The mixture will start boiling and there will be bubbles all around. Reduce heat and cook for five minutes or so. 
  • Now take about half a teaspoon or so of the mixture and pour it into the bowl of water that was set aside earlier. Try to wrap it into a ball in the water. It can be hot, so got to watch out here. If the mixture is in soft ball stage that is, if a ball can be made from the mixture, remove from heat and keep stirring till the mixture hardens slightly. 
  • Pour into the prepared baking dish and spread it around.Garnish it with chopped Pistas/ Tooti-fruti.
  •  Let it sit for a few hours, preferably overnight 
  • Once the Burfis are set cut it into pieces. store it in an air tight jar for a few days.

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Eshika Roy said...

Thank you sharing such interesting Kannada delicacies with us. This blog is a must read for every Kannada food fanatic. I absolutely love this blog. Please keep on sharing more amazing posts. Cheers!