Huli Pudi

When do cooks back home feel they have come of age and are no longer amateurs in the kitchen? My answer would be when you make pickles and pudis. I few weeks back I ran out of my stash of Huli Pudi that my MIL brought last summer. I had been conserving it for quite some time but I had to see the bottom of the bottle one fine day. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to do what was needed. I had the recipe from my grandmother who makes the best in the world Huli Pudi. So I set out to make Huli Pudi for the first time.
It was a long labour intensive process. Imagine with food processors we feel it is time and labour intensive, if only I was born in the previous century I did be pounding the wicked spices as it blew into my lungs! huff huff. I know that is how my grandmother started making it. Some where later in her life that those flour mills started to pop up and she got the wicked spices ground at those noisy mills.
This time my pudi turned out sort of good, not as half as good as my grandmother, not as good as my mother or MIL would make but still I prefer this over the silly stuff sold in Indian stores labeled 'Sambar Powder'.

Here we go,

Chillies  1/2 kg
Dhania 1/2 kg
Jeera 360 grams
Pepper 60 grams
Turmeric 60 grams
Hing 60 grams
Channa Dal 120 grams
Uddina Bele 120 grams
Fenugreek seeds 120 grams
Mustard seeds 120 grams
Curry leaves 2 giant bunches (washed and dried)
Cinnamon 50 grams
Marati Moggu 3-4
Jaggery 60 grams
Salt a generous fist full

  • Measure out all the spices carefully and keep it handy. A choice of chillis can be used. I prefer 3/4 Byadagi  and 1/4 Guntur or the spicy varieties because Sunny boy still prefers milder food. My grandmother and mother do  1:1 for Byadagi:Guntur.
  • Open windows if any all over the house. Turn on the exhaust at full speed.
  • Set a heavy kadai on medium flame. One the kadai is hot, start toasting the Dhania. When the Dhania is toasted and is fragrant, remove into a big wide platter and allow it to cool.
  • Mean time, start toasting the other spices one at a time starting with the spice after Dhania up until curry leaves.
  • Once the curry leaves are done start toasting the chillies. This one is the wickedest of all. It will make us cough and gasp for breath. Toast them till they change color.
  • Remove the chillies to the same platter. Allow it to cool.
  • Once cold throw in the Jaggary and salt. Grind the spice mixture in a coffee grinder till fine but still has some texture left.
  • Combine the ground spices in the large platter and allow it to cool slightly. Mix the spice blend using a dry spatula. 
  • Once the spices are cool, fill it in bottles and use as required.
Thanks Chitz and Nagashree  for thinking of me
  1. If you were allowed to change something about yourselves, what would that be? :I would definitely be more organized and be detail oriented. 
  2. Your favorite time pass other than cooking :Reading
  3. According to you which is most important in a blog - presentation, recipe or pictures? : Well I did say the story
  4. Your ultimate dream: Win a lottery perhaps?
  5. Three qualities you would love to see in others: Patience, kindness and reason
  6. One prank that you played on someone: write anonymous love letter to a friend and giggle when she did show it to us.
  7. Your favorite vacation spot: erstwhile Kovalam beach
  8. Cooking according to you is: stress buster
  9. Who influences you the most? Like you would always listen to what this person says: my mom
  10. Your favorite dessert: Rasgolla
  11. One habit that you cannot change for life: over-eating when I like something.
Here are a set of questions Nagashree sent me.
  1. What was your reaction when you received the Liebster award? :Wow 
  2. What do you most look forward to with your blogging? Comments
  3. What is your all time favorite ingredient or spice in cooking? Ghee
  4. Do you always give credit to a recipe source or blogger when you use one? yes
  5. What are your hobbies outside of food blogging? reading and eating
  6. What appeals to you most in other food blogs (writing style, blog layout and visual appeal, pictures, recipes and anything else)? story and the pictures
  7. How has blogging changed your life? Make new friends with the same feathers
  8. How do you feel about plagiarism in food blogs? uh! despicable , come on gals it is supposed to be a creative outlet.
  9. Who is the one person that influenced you most in starting your blog? LG
  10. Who is your all time favorite cook/chef and why? Jacques Pepin, his philosophy is waste not want not. Love it.
  11. What is cooking currently in your kitchen?Mixed vegetables from left over vegetables.


cookingwithsapana said...

Wow ! Is it sambhar powder?

radha said...

Have to try some of these powders. I have been making some, but most times I keep putting it off and go and buy a ready powder instead.

Nice reading about your views.

Unknown said...

Huli pudi chennagide Smitha, I have got into the habit of making just fresh masala for Huli now a days as our Huli consumption is kind of low and I keep the ones got from India in safe keeps :-).

Hey, nice responses on the Leibster.

Lakshmi said...

Namma mane huli pudi ge chakke etc hakalla nodi but I can already imagine the nice aroma because of Cinnamon :)

Lakshmi said...

Namma mane huli pudi ge chakke etc hakalla nodi but I can already imagine the nice aroma because of Cinnamon :)

Priya Suresh said...

Super flavourful spice powder...

Vanamala Hebbar said...

hmmm nice...swalpa change naan madadhu

Chitz said...

Thanks a lot for answering the questions for Liebster :)