Mooli Pomogranate Raita

New year kicks in. This time around, I have no resolutions. It never did work with me, figured out any  day is just as good as the 1st of Jan to do good things. Just not reading News as voraciously as before, to sort of keep the mind away from all the bad news floating around.
Now for a new recipe. I wanted to present a Raita for a dinner party, something that says winter in a mouthful but cools the spicy Chole that went along. That particular day it was Punjabi style meal with spicy Chole, Saag Panner and Pulkas. It reminded me so much of the Punjabi winters that I had to serve Mooli along, just the way they do back in Punjab- a simple salad of Mooli, onions and green chillies.  Dressed it up a bit to use up some Pomegranates procured in bulk from Costco!

We will need

Mooli /Daikon (tender ones) 1 cup (grated and drained)
Pomegranate seeds   1 cup 
Yogurt 1.5 cup (fresh and sweet preferable)
Mint leaves 3-4 chopped
Pepper a dash
Salt to taste
Sugar a generous pinch

  • Press and drain the grated Mooli very well. 
  • Beat the yogurt well. Fold in the Mooli, Pomegranate seeds and Mint.
  • Add salt, sugar and pepper just before serving. Serve it along a spicy main course.


AJ said...

Yum, looks delicious! said...

Healthy and colourful raitha..i always prepare mooli raitha at home but i like the addition of pomogranate seeds..yum

Unknown said...

sakhath colorful aagide Smitha, I am going to make this for lunch today :-)

Priya Suresh said...

Thats a wonderful and healthy combo for raita,loving it.

Unknown said...

Pom in raita must be heavenly.

Vani said...

Such an unusual combo - I like!

radha said...

We Indians can indianise any dish ! And with great results too. Impressive.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

looks unique..wil try