Rawa Rotti

We love Akki Rotti. But sometimes it is difficult to make them, especially if time constrained or if just a bit lazy.  It is on such days that I end up making this one.This variety is a lot less messy and very easy to roll out. Here it is

We will need,

Chiroti Rawa 2 cup (the finest variety Rawa available)
Salt a pinch
Water 1.5 cups

  • Heat water and salt in a pot preferable non stick pot for easy cleanup.
  • Once the water comes to a gentle boil, dunk in the Rawa and stir well to make sure there are no lumps. Turn off the heat. Cover and let the mixture cool enough to handle.
  • Once the mixture cools down, knead the mixture and bring it together.
  • Pinch small balls of the dough and flatten it on a rolling board.
  • Pre-heat a Tawa. Roll out the flattened balls of dough using a rolling pin into discs about 6-8 inches in diameter.
  • Cook the discs on a hot Tawa on both sides and serve hot with butter/ghee and a curry of choice.


Akila said...

Wow looks great..

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Lakshmi said...

We love this too..Curry look yumm at the background.

radha said...

Nice. Always wondered what chiroti rava was used for. Any other uses for this rava? And you seemed to have really rolled it out thin. And that curry stands out!

Unknown said...

Sounds new...Nice one...Delicious....First time here..Glad to follow you...

Priya Suresh said...

Wow very interesting rotti, apart from akki rotti,never tried anything as rotti.

Hema said...

Looks so soft and yumm..

Unknown said...

Aha, I thought they were the akki rottis when I saw the picture in your last post. Amma made these occassionally, thanks for reminding. Will be on my menu soon :-)

Kannada Cuisine said...

@Akila, thanks much

@LG, thanks ri!

@Radha, well we use to make rotti, as well as can be used to make pooris (half rawa and half flour) and the pooris will turn out crispy. We also use it to make Chiroti and Holiges. Though I use flour in my chiroti. My Gandma use this rawa in both the recipes to end up with lip smacking results

@Tamilsasi...thanks much

@Priya and Hema, thanks
@Nagashree..well they are so much similiar to each other, but Akki rotti takes awefully long time,these take just a few minutes

larukalai said...

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