Mutton Saaru Gowda style / Mutton curry

Well, I do not like to cook meat, nor do I eat it. But Honey is very fond of meat and I do not have a problem with that.I have cooked meat for him, after all I wanted to find a way to his heart, but it was always problematic. I was so averse to the idea of cooking and eating meat. But once I started a blog and identified myself as a foodie, my horizons broadened. After all it is food right. One man's delicacy is another's poison. The first question was, how do I look at the meat part of the food? Vegetarianism in India is pretty recent considering the length  of our history. There are instances in Mahabharata and Ramayana where meats/ games were served on various occasions. Bheema prepares a feast consisting of a variety of animals for the  coronation ceremony of Dharmaraya. Then the  Ashwamedhayaga where the butchered horse was roasted and consumed. Look at Sushrutha Samhita, it is full of remedies calling for venison, turtle and god knows how many more animals. It was only after the Ahimsa theory of Budhism and Jainism that vegetarianism started to become mainstream.  The Jains were so thoughtful that they refused to eat root vegetables which have been harvested after 'killing' the plant. But what about rice? or wheat or any other grain for that matter? Are they not living beings? We sure know they are, equivalent to the embryo in the animal world. So when ever we eat rice or any other grain, we are committing 'Himsa'. My question therefore is,is it alright to subject plants to violence and still be committed to Ahimsa in the animal world? Or do I stop eating all live foods and starve myself? How do I go about it? It is a dilemma. For a foodie like me, who loves to look, eat, write about, read about food, is it not a torture to go through such dilemma? I have not found a solution yet. I kinda brushed it down the carpet. The only way to be ethical and be committed to Ahimsa is to follow what Ayurveda suggests.
  • 'Mita bhuksh' eat little -always eat only to fill half your stomach, fill the remaining quarters with air and water;
  •  'Hita buksh' eat food at the right temperature neither too hot, nor too cold. Sorry ice cream you are out;
  • 'Kshuta buksh' no idea what it is. got to call mom.
  • 'Rutu buksh' eat what is in season. Basically it says eat local.
So lets gather everything  now. Eat fresh and local, eat food at the right temperature and eat moderately. According to me this is the best philosophy for a foodie. It is good for our own physical health, will reverse the epimedic of obesity, reduce carbon footprints, causes less 'Himsa', and brings no ethical baggage with it.

With this premise, I have stopped looking down upon meat eaters. Well it is one's choice. I am sorry that I bulldozed a dear friend's idea of bringing hamburgers for a barbeque party. (Not that I will allow it another time, but at least I am feeling bad about it!). Sorry Mr Zimmern cannot be your party either!

For now it is just mutton saaru the popular  gowda style courtesy a dear friend Shilpa . Shilpa and her hubby were at our place the other weekend for a friend's birthday (Sri, hope you are reading this). She was charming enough to dish up this rich and spicy gravy. Honey and Sunny boy enjoyed it very much. Imagine this, I wanted to raise Sunny boy a vegetarian!

 We will need,

Mutton 2 lbs
Ghee 2 tsp
Onion 1 medium
Green chillies 20 (ouch)
Garlic 7 cloves
Ginger 1/5"
Cloves 6-10
Cinnamon 1" piece
Coconut grated 1 cup
Cardamon 2
Coriander 1 bunch trimmed and ends discarded
Mint 1 small bunch trimmed and stalk discarded
Salt to taste
Sugar a generous pinch
Lemon juice for serving

  • Wash and clean the mutton in several changes of water and set it aside.
  • Place the ghee in a pressure cooker and heat it. Throw in the mutton and brown it for a few minutes. 
  • Meantime, combine the rest of the ingredients except the  lemon juice salt and sugar in a blender and pulse till the mixture is smooth. Add a little water if necessary.
  • Pour the spice mixture into the browning mutton, add more water and cover. Cook till the mutton is tender about 2-3 whistles.
  • Remove from heat adjust salt, throw in the sugar and lemon juice.
  • Serve hot with Ghee rice.


Akila said...

Wow very yummy n mouthwatering

Event: Dish name starts with M

Recipeswap said...

Its so difficult for me to be vegetarian even if for a few days. very nice of u to still cook meat though you dont eat it.
curry looks so good, love the green.

Spicy-Aroma said...

curry looks super tempting!

Sudhir R said...

I enjoyed reading, always go through similar sentiments, may be surprised to know I always buy chicken from supermarket, never from the butcher, I cant stand the bird being weighed for me and slaughtered. But unfortunately I am an orthodox non vegetarian. I still want to tell you, the secret of mutton is the right preparation and its a big art. I wish you would try once at our place, Not for nothing Sudha a veg would convert to non veg.

Priya Suresh said...

Wow you cook meat eventhough dont eat, btw curry looks super tempting and mouthwatering.

Spice up the Curry said...

so delicious and flavorful..

Kannada Cuisine said...

@ Thanks akhila,Poonam,Priya and spiceupthecurry...

@Recipeswap..Yeah! this time thankfully I did not have to.

@Sudhir..yep! Sudhakka's conversion was an absolute shocker..May be one day I will give it a try, but for now I loved clicking photos

Only Fish Recipes said...

always love reading your posts dear !!!!the chicken curry looks so delicious dear !!!loved it !!!!!

radha said...

I also cook non vegetarian for my kids. I turned vegetarian.Not that I was compelled to, but it is easier to order when you go out! And over the years I enjoy vegetarian food and have no desire to eat non-veg! And yes, I have also decided to promote only local foods. I stopped buying washington apples, chinese pears, kiwis and stick to pappaya, watermelon, chickoo, mango and pappaya. And besides nature has a way of providing the right foods for us at the right season!

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow....that's an extremly yum simple to make too...

Kannada Cuisine said...

you are so right nature has somehow been providing us the right food at the right time!!

Manju Modiyani said...

This mutton curry looks delectable...nice and tasty!
Loved your blog. Glad to follow you.

Do visit my space-

Unknown said...

Kannadigara aahaara amrutha!!

Lavanya Naveen said...

I just did ur recipe a week ago came out really awsm. Thanks for recipe

Kannada Cuisine said...

Thanks Lavanya...Hope you try more and enjoy recipes

Anonymous said...

Yes this is a common Kannadiga recipe. Also dont forget to add a little turmeric to the mixture. Adding green peas and tiny potatoes unpeeled can also make the curry very interesting. Maha Bishma

Dhanya kumar said...

Hay just tried your recipe and it is really husband had this dish when he was a kid and now when i made this he was so happy as it was so tasty...thank you so much..