Carrot Pacchadi

Yogurt  aka curd  aka mosaru makes me weak in the knees..Can I ever become vegan? Thanks much but I love my yogurt a lot. I love it when I have lots of yogurt on hand and I have the liberty to cook and eat yogurt anytime of the week. I also sneak in yogurt in a lot of recipes substituting sour cream, heavy  cream and end up getting a good result most often than not.So next time your recipe calls for sour cream and all you have is yogurt, go for it. 
I get pastured raw milk and set my yogurt. Eating good stuff has one unintended side effect,you simply cannot eat the bad or mediocre stuff at all. I also love the fatty version. Since the milk I get is raw, we skim the cream just once before setting the yogurt, it is so rich and creamy that after our meal ending with the customary Mossarranna / curd-rice, my hand feels like just out of a manicure! Bless all the fat. By the way, I was reading in Wall Street Journal a few days ago that a balanced diet leads to better health than low-carb (Atkins) diet or no-fat diet. Come on... did we not know it already?Was not balanced diet the best? K.T.Acharya rocks. It was just the giant agri-agro-processing industry lobbying that kept these fads going for so long. Who ever thrived on these fab diet any way. I have become so skeptical of all the phoney doctored research that comes out and are being funded by the corporate giants. That is one reason why governments should invest in research-to get out facts unbiased by vested interests.

Now for the carrot Pacchadi
We will need,

Carrots 3 medium 
Yogurt 1 cup whisked
Ghee 2 tsp
Mustard  seeds 1/4 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves a handful
Green Chillies 4-5 (more if necessary)
Salt and Jaggary to taste.
Coriander fresh a handful

  • Wash and clean carrots. Peel and discard the skin. Chop it into 1" pieces and pressure cook in about 1.5 cups of water till soft and mushy. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.
  • Once the carrots are cool enough to handle, open the lid of the pressure cooker and mash the carrots using a heavy spatula or a masher. 
  • Stir in crushed Jaggery into the mashed carrots. Gently heat the mixture to bring it to a simmer. 
  • Prepare the Oggarane.Heat ghee in a pan, throw in the mustard seeds, Jeera and fenugreek seeds. Once they stop spluttering, add the curry leaves, slit green chillies. 
  • Pour the ghee mixture onto the carrot mixture and  remove from heat. Whisk the yogurt and temper it with a tbsp of the hot carrot mixture. Pour it back into the carrot mixture and whisk gently. 
  • Adjust salt and finish with chopped coriander. Serve with rice.


Unknown said...

I love mosaranna too, carrot pachadi looks very tempting. Never had this version, I like it that you cooked the carrots instead of frying them :-)

radha said...

I like this version. But addition of jaggery in raitha may not find too many takers at home. I love anything with a touch of sweetness.

hemalata said...

Delicious looking pachadi.

Myvegfare said...

delicious pacchadi, love it.., but I haven't added jaggery, I don't know if my family would try it.., may be next time, should make a small batch and see how it goes..!!

Spice up the Curry said...

carrot pachadi looks very delicious

Sudhir R said...

Beautifully photograph! I take just two teaspoons of curd a day, got to watch out

Padhu Sankar said...

Your version of carrot pachadi is new to me .I do not cook carrots for pachadi. Eager to try your version

Kumudha said...

Carrot pachadi looks good.

Years ago even I felt that I could not become a vegan. I grew up in Bangalore eating curds and ghee every day.
I would put dollops of ghee to chappathis!

Finally , seeing the suffering of cows in India and united states, I decided to become a vegan. In India, cows are injected with the harmone oxytocin to produce more milk. In united states cows are repeatedly impregnated so that they keep producing milk. The lifespan of cows has reduced these days, as they suffer so much during their lifetime...

In united states it is really easy to thrive on a vegan diet. I use wildwood probiotic Soyogurt. (high fiber unsweetened plain). This yogurt tastes so much like the regular yogurt. I make everything from majjige huli to mosaru vade with this yogurt. We get this yogurt only t whole foods. I hope you give this yogurt a try!

Thanks again for sharing o many traditional Karnataka recipes.