Ghee / Tuppa

We love the dairy products we are currently getting from udder milk creamery coop . The milk is tasty and creamy. I make butter out of the cream I skim from the milk. Sunny boy gobbles up some butter, we slather it on toasts, rottis and what ever. The remaining gets converted into Ghee- 'Tuppa'. I love ghee. We end up consuming about 3/4 to a kilo of Ghee just the three of us,if I do not make any sweets! I use it in most of my curries. Sunny boy licks it off a spoon and demands 'tuppa' with everything including Mosaranna- curd rice. 
Most of my family members love ghee. My grandmother and mother made their own ghee so do I. The ones they made used to be thick and grainy. I never got similar texture or flavor when using the super market butter. But butter from pastured unprocessed milk scalded at home makes the best of ghee. Got to make it to fall in love with it.
Ghee being a saturated fat is solid at room temperature. A gentle heat will cause it to melt away. So a dollop of ghee on warm rottis/idlis/dosa will be perfect.

We will need,

Butter 1 lb
Turmeric  a pinch
Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp
Garlic 1 small clove

  • Place the butter in a large mouthed heavy pot. Gently heat it.
  • Once the butter is completely melted, throw in the turmeric.
  • For a sweeter flavored ghee, add the fenugreek. (If ghee is to be used in the preparation of deserts and sweets) Else throw in the garlic. (This version is perfect for use in curries, Rasams and Saaru)
  • Cook till the butter is frothy on a medium heat.
  • Once the frothing subsides, reduce heat and look for the sediments at  the bottom of the pot to turn golden brown. The butter itself should be clear and a golden colored liquid by now. Turn off the heat.
  • Filter the ghee using a fine mesh strainer. Reserve the sediments for another use. (I throw mine in curries and saaru, it is heavenly)
  • Store the ghee in a glass /steel jar. It stays good for at least a couple of months. (May be long, it never does in my place).


Hari Chandana P said...

Very helpful post.. thanks for sharing dear :)
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Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Informative post

Kannada Cuisine said...

Thanks Harichandana n shanti

Priya Suresh said...

Very useful and helpful post.

radha said...

Nothing like homemade ghee!

Sravs said...

I love homemade ghee !! You made it so perfect !!

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Kannada Cuisine said...

Thanks Priya.
Totally agree Radha.
@ Sravs all thanks to the wonderful milk to begin with :)

Lakshmi said...

enappa, bloglokadalli ellellu tuppada postgalu kanta ive. Tumba chennagi photo tegdidira. Tuppa nodidmele chutney pudi anna tinnbeku annista ide nange :)

Sudhir R said...

Beautiful Picture and well composed. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Tuppa looks just perfect. All in all how much time the complete procedure takes, bcos everytime I make Ghee, I do not exactly know when to stop :(

Kannada Cuisine said...

Hi Niveditha,

Well, it is quite difficult to answer the question. In fact different butters call for different duration of time, the shortest being the super market butter, followed by organic butter and then the pastured grass fed butter. It also depends so much on the thickness of the pot used to make ghee and the stove. So I have no answer for this question :( The best way to make sure we do not burn the ghee is making sure that the sediments are turning golden brown at the bottom and the bubbling has stopped. When in doubt cut out the heat and take a call later once the pot is cool

Unknown said...

Thank You so much for your tips and advice, will surely keep these points in mind next time :)