Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney is the staple chutney amongst us Kannadigas. We probably eat a tonne or so of this chutney every year! Well obviously, we are people who have at least one to two coconut trees in the backyard and we make the best use of our resources. Therefore there are not many dishes which does not call for coconut. The recent 'eat-healthy' trend has damped our love for coconut a bit, but mine is coming back with vengeance!! I heart coconut.. Cannola oil lobby 'go to hell'.

Typically this chutney is served at breakfast with Idlis, Dose, Chapati, Rotti and every other bread imaginable. Coconut is cracked open, the flesh grated and then combined with other spices and ground in a huge mortar-pestle we call "Rubbo Gundu" the stone grinder. The resulting goodness is heavenly in texture, perfectly combined, neither too rough, not too smooth, and it does not bleed water. That kind of perfect consistency is not achievable in a blender, mixie. The heat for the motor generally causes the essential oils in the spices and coconut to breakdown and therefore the resulting chutney is way inferior to the stone ground version. But modern convince is something, not many apartments in Bangalore has a stone grinder anyway. 

The best chutney I ever had is one the we regularly ate at Kyatsandra, near Tumkur on NH 4. Unlike the regular Darshinis, Idlis here are served with Chutney and Saagu not thechutney-sambar combo. These Idlis there are super soft, and chutney is so heavenly that we will not miss the sambar at all. During my growing up years, Kyatsandra a small town near Tumkur in Karnataka (Now grown into a suburb of Tumkur) is known for the famous Siddaganga Mutt and his holiness Sri Shivakumara Swamy and of course the Idlis... 

We will need,

Green Chillies 10
Curry Leaves 25
Coconut 1/2
Roasted Channa 3 tbsp
Tamarind (size of a chickpea)
Coriander 1/4 cup
Garlic clove 1 small

  • Heat a heavy skillet. Roast the chillies on the hot dry skillet till blisters appears. Remove and set it aside.
  • Throw curry leaves into the skillet and toast till fragrant about 30 seconds or so. 
  • Combine all the ingredients with little water in a blender / mixie and grind till it resemble coarse.
  • Serve it with hot Idlies, Dose or a bread of your choice.


Reva said...

Chutney looks super yum... I love your love for coconut..:)
Way to go girl... coconut is the beset..:)

Priya Suresh said...

I can have two more dosas with this chutney..

Tina said...

Simply superb and delicious..

Sushma Mallya said...

This chutney looks so yummy ..I would love to try this:)

Recipeswap said...

I love it with dosas.Good one.

Lakshmi said...

Coconut chutney is the best with all main dishes. Color chennagi bandide.

Kannada Cuisine said...

@ Reva.. guess u love coconut just as much!!!
@ Priya, you are most welcome to have more..
@ Thanks Tina, Sushma and Recipeswap..
@ LG, one full bunch of Kottambari prabhava ri!!

Sudhir R said...

Sudha brough this tasty chutney with mint in our life. We all love this and relish. Back home with no cocounuts grown in N. KArnataka its all ground nut and Puttana chutney. This North - south divide between us will always crop up right?