Vegan chilly Chicken -Karnataka style /Temphe Chilly

I am not a very big fan of soy products..'soy milk', I did say eww...Soy cheese I did say 'no thank you'. I did rather have my cup of milk-milk or 'cheese-cheese'. Tofu is still fine, nothing can beat Panner. Will I ever be a vegan? I do not think so, give me my yogurt, give me my cheese and I am as happy as a lark.  So what about this Temphe?

I have been reading about Temphe in most western vegetarian cook books. I was always curious to check it out. So a few months back we got a slab of Temphe. I did not do my home-work properly and replaced half the slab of Temphe in a recipe that called for Paneer..We all hated the Temphe then. It was absolutely tasteless and so much like eating a bitter cardboard. Even though first impulse was to trash it, I threw the remaining Temphe in the freezer after much deliberation.
And then I came across a recipe that called for Temphe and the recipe also called for it to be deep fried the first thing! So be it. I said and bingo this is how it was. This dish was such a hit, we polished it off straight off the Kadai.
My mother got me a Karnataka style Chilli Chicken recipe from her friend.. I substituted chicken with deep fried temphe. It was heavenly. Love it.

We will need,
Temphe 1/2 lb cup into strips.
Expeller pressed peanut oil to deep fry + 4-5 tbsp
Whole Red Chillies      4-5  (Byadagi variety prefered)
Garlic                           2 cloves
Ginger                          1/2 " piece
Tamarind paste            1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Fresh Coriander            a handful

  • Bring 4-5 tbsp of water to a boil. Dump all the chillies and cover with a tight fitting lid. Set it aside.
  • Deep fry Temphe strips in hot oil till golden brown and crisp. Drain it on paper towels. 
  • Once all the Temphe is fried and good to go, start making the sauce. Grind the soaked chillies and the soaking liquid, garlic, ginger and tamarind into a smooth paste.
  • Heat 4-5 tbsp of oil in a Kadai. Pour the spice mixture into the hot gently and carefully. Stir well and simmer.Cook it till the raw smell of the garlic and tamarind disappears.About 10-15 minutes. The sauce by now should be fairly thick. Add salt to taste.
  • Toss in the fried Temphe and turn off the heat. Sprinkle some fresh coriander and serve immediately.
If preferred substitute Chicken/ Mutton for Temphe.

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wow looks very yummy......i will try it this week end.......