The other day I had prepared some Pacchadi to go along with a Pulao and ritualistically started clicking pictures. Honey noticed it and asked if it was for my blog. I said it was. His reaction was horror! 'What! you do not yet have Pacchadi on your blog?....' The silence hung so heavy as if i had invited people for dinner and sent them away hungry.

Our salad marathon is still on. We are managing to eat more vegetables and hopefully from next week onwards more fruits too. Because we just signed up for a weekly home delivery of organic fruits here . Here is one more tradition salad that goes particularly well with Pulavs and are a must on festive meals in my family.

We will need

Cucumber diced about 3 cups
Tomatoes diced  1 cup
Onion       diced 1/4 cup
Green chillies  2-3
salt to taste
Mint a handful
Sugar a generous pinch
Yogurt  1.5 Cups (use organic whole milk yogurt for best results)

  • Place all the vegetables in a bowl. 
  • Beat the yogurt till smooth. Stir in the salt and sugar. Add a dash of freshly ground black pepper if you desire.
  • Just before serving toss the vegetables with the yogurt. 
  • Enjoy with rice dish of choice.

Dear LG has passed on a meme.. here it goes..
7 things you dont know about me..
1) I love fragrant homestyle Ghee..I have at least 2 tbps every day..
2)Decided to reduce sugar and sweets and not been successful ..had a huge chocolate chip cookie @Nestle toll house :(
3)My little monster gives me a hard time...his likes and dislikes changes as much as BSE-SENSEX!!!
4)I love organic milk, butter, cheese, cream etc etc..Organic valley is my favorite brand
5)Fell in love with the expeller pressed peanut oil that has become available in our super markets.. reminds me so much of the good old days when oil meant peanut oil got from the local expeller...more on that story later.
6) Right now thinking of one more huge double chocolate chunk cookie..
7)Rooting for Steelers this super-bowl...


Lakshmi said...

Pachadi calls for some Pulao on side Smita :P MEME was good to read. Enjoy your day.

Kannada Cuisine said...

Thanks LG..yes.. I forgot to include the pulao in the composition..

Sudhir R said...

looks inviting, good photographs, may taste good even without pulao