Bananti -Post partum recipe

I have been getting mails from new mothers all over requesting Bananti recipes..I thought I should go ahead with the write up and not wait for the photos given the time sensitive nature for the request. I hope all the people who requested for such recipe read this post.

The basics are pretty clear. I mean traditional Bayaluseeme Karnataka style Banantana. I am mostly documenting the traditional wisdom of our folks that appears logical and has some scientific basis.

Consume a lot of protein :
  • Milk- preferably organic grass fed cow Milk (the corn fed cow milk is rather difficult to digest also GM-Soy-Corn in the feed makes me apprehensive. ) One of the better brands to look for is Organic Valley. 
  • Consume generous amounts of Ghee. Home made ghee using organic pasture butter is the best. Try getting Organic Valley  pasture butter and make your own ghee. If unavailable try their organic butter.
  • Avoid Eggs as it is an allergen.
  • Avoid most beans and legumes except Toor, Moong and Urad. The rest are hard to digest and may cause flatulence. Obviously new mothers are so much more prone to constipation, flatulence, we do not need to overburden her digestive system with food that can aggravate the situation.
  • Toor, Moong and Urad should be soaked in water for a few hours, drained and washed well then cooked till the grains fall apart, tempered with generous amounts of garlic and ghee before consuming.
  • Include plenty of greens especially Dill and Fenugreek greens. They are supposed to stimulate production of milk. 
  • Consume vegetables like carrots, green beans, beet root rich in nutrition. This indeed is a latest development. My grandmother says these vegetables were not a served during her time but she did give my mother a lot of these vegetables when my mother had me.I did say thumbs up for this rule.
  • Consume meat in moderate quantities if you are not a vegetarian.
  • Drink plenty of warm to hot water. 
  • Many women got back asking if wearing warm clothes and sweating is mandatory. I am not a medical professional but sweating does not convince me. Wearing warm clothes does make sense to me. Because our immune system is on the alert when our body temperature is higher and it sort of sleeps when body temperature is cooler. So to keep away from minor irritants like cold it is a good idea to wear warm clothes and keep indoors. This reduces the chance of  baby catching cold etc.
  • Also Sowbhagya Sunti Lehya is something many women consume. It might not agree with some women. So if this Lehya increases bleeding or gives cramps it is best not to consume it. 
  • On the Question of when to introduce cow's milk to your baby, I am pretty skeptical. As per the World Health Organization, breast feeding for at least two years is the best for baby (also the mother). But it might not work for every new mother. My pediatrician has suggested I start cow's milk after Sunny boy's first birthday. I held out a little longer. But when I did introduce cow's milk, Sunny boy had very bad episodes of constipation. Finally I switched over to raw pastured milk which I gently heated till cream formed on top, cooled it slightly and gave it to him. He tolerated it better than the homogenized milk. I would not consume homogenized milk much less give it to my baby.
Sample Menu:

  • Pre- Breakfast : One Antinunde and one cup of Milk
  • Breakfast: Akki Dose  or Akki Tari Idli with Ghee and Heralikai uppinakai or Akkitari Uppittu
  • Mid morning: Apple/Mango or any sweet fruit except Banana, citrus and grapes. (I did still eat citrus but not banana and grapes)
  • Lunch: A tbsp of  rice, 1/2 tsp ghee and Bananti Pudi ;  or Menasina Saaru or Dal with rice, Carrot/Green Beans/ Beetroot Palya and a cup of Milk, 
  • Late Afternoon: Half a cup of Akki Payasa , Gattaki Payasa, Halkeer , Belladanna or any Kheer /Payasa and a fruit.
  • Dinner:  A tbsp of  rice, 1/2 tsp ghee and Bananti Pudi ; fenugreek/dill/Chayote squash/ green beans dal   or Menasina Saaru  with rice, Carrot/Green Beans/ Beetroot Palya and a cup of Milk.
  • Drink warm to hot water, about 10 or more glasses a day. 
  • Munch on almonds and raisins if you are a grazer like me.

Akki Dose:

Mix 1/4 cup of Rice flour in about 1/4- 1/2 cup water to make a runny batter. Pour it over a hot skillet and cook till the sides are golden in colour. Remove and serve hot with Heralikai uppinakai and Ghee


Lakshmi said...

Sooper post kanri. Even I get lots of emails to write about these tips. I wil refer them to this link.

Harini said...

Elders in our family recommend only watery veggies like Ridge Gourd and Snake Gourd and no greens atleast the first month after delivery. From my research, each region has a different set of do's and dont's

Kannada Cuisine said...

@ Thanks LG... e post update madta irtini... lets see how far it goes..

@Harini.. That is new to me.You are right it is true that the diet changes according to region. Ridge gourd is supposed to be 'sheeta' /cold food so typically avoided in our region :) Snake gourd ...I am not sure about it as we do not use it in our family due to a ceremonial constraint. Thanks for the input though. I am sure it will help people looking for some know-how.

I Write for Fun said...

Thanks for the tips.. My mom is giving me Ridge Gourd, Chow Chow (Semebadane Kai), Brinjal, Green Beans, Carrot, Bottle gourd. Like Harini says wattery vegetables are good at this time. One more powder that you could use is Curry leaves powder.
Curry Leaves: 1 cup (Dried)
Pepper corns: 1 tb sp
Cumin seeds: 1 tb sp
Hing: 1 pinch
Salt to taste.

Roast all the above ingredients and grind to a fine powder

Kannada Cuisine said...

@ I Write for Fun...
Thanks for the pudi recipe, I will update it in my post very soon.
BTW Brinjal is kind of problematic because it flares up Eczema in a few babies, my son was one. So I avoided Brinjal. If your little one is taking it well, go ahead! I for one cannot live without my vegetables

Kaveri said...

Hi All,
I'm also looking for post natal cuisine and very glad to have found this link.
I agree with you guys regarding
avoiding brinjal and watery veggies. We do take garlic chutney pudi and curry leaves pudi.
Also, we have ganji anna for breakfast with generous amounts of ghee as it is easy for digestion , very filling and nutritious too. We also have horsegram dal saaru or upkari with lunch / dinner. You can find these recipes here :

Anonymous said...

My DIL, complains of burning sensation during urination, is it that she is not able to tolerate pepper, also lot of ghee during this period clogs the milk pores. Also baby and mother getting heat boils. Any solutions, we are interested in our traditional diet care.

Kannada Cuisine said...


I am not really sure why your DIL has those problems.. May be dehydration?Perhaps she is a Pitta body type and cannot really take so much pepper. Actually my Mother did not give me so much pepper enough to cause burning in my stomach. Also the geography and time of the year affects these things as well. It is a good idea to consult other mothers locally and see if they have something to say. Good luck and may god bless your family.

Gem said...

Does any one have a recipe for post partum eats known in Konkani as 'Thiklen'? This is a sweet garlic-based snack specially prepared by bananti

Unknown said...

Hi..very nice link. Here in my place while mixing rice with bananti pudi my mom heats ghee and adds few cloves of garlic in it..fries for a few mins and then adds it to the rice. Also to this bananti pudi you can add grated roasted and powdered kopra/ona kobbari.

Unknown said...

My mom also made a podi called menthyada hittu. This she used to alternate b/w the bananti pudi. She says the fenugreek/menthya kaalu helps in digestion, lactation and helps releive the back pain after delivery. Receipe for this is 150 gms of menthya kaalu/fenugreek seeds, 5 gms of whole pepper, 1 big tablespoon of whole urad dal(if using split urad dal then 2tbsp) 1 deseeded red dry chilli(optinal. Roast all the above each seperately, cool and powder. Store in air tight container. Add little salt and ghee to steaming hot rice with this podi mix well and consume before you start having the main course of saaru/rasa.

Deepika said...

Hi...the place im living typically temp ranges from 16 to Canada...also i still havent got breast milk (2days since child delivered)..can you guide which veggies n food items to consume?

Kannada Cuisine said...


Congrats on your baby.

If I were you I would drink a lot of water (boiled and cooled, warm water) and eat green vegetables like Methi leaves, carrots, Ivy Gourd, Zucchini, Ridge Gourd with very soft cooked rice.

Try to relax things will start happening. God bless you and your family.

Unknown said...

Thank you...I can find improvement after including gourds and leafy veggies...Can you suggest any breakfast alternatives?Now @ day 23

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind guidance..there is some improvement after including leafy veggies and gourds..can you suggest some breakfast alternatives?

Kannada Cuisine said...

@ Deepika,
My mother gave me un-fermented Dosa for breakfast. It is made with a combination of rice flour and chiroti rava. She used to give it to me with Heralikayi pickles and ghee.
Also rice rava upma made of ghee, dry red chillies, jeera, hing ,salt and coriander leaves.

Nandakishore Babu and Bindu said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Very helpful link.

My mom gave me Soubhagyashunti leha - it's a Ayurvedic Leha . So I took this Leha ( a medium marble sized Leha) with a tablespoon of ghee first thing in the morning.

Soaking Fenugreek seeds overnight in water and drinking the water helped me with milk production. I could not eat the fenugreek seeds as its bitter. But if you could eat , it's beneficial.

Manjari said...

Howdu. But sabbasge soppu compulsory for milk producn

Manjari said...

In that case minimize pepper and garlic. Take ginger instead

Unknown said...

How long should one follow this menu?

Unknown said...

How long should one follow this menu?

Kannada Cuisine said...

About 3 months. But if the baby is colicky longer.

Unknown said...

Hi this is Ramya
I'm new to Bangalore and I'm a Dietitian
I was in search of local Karnataka foods. Yours diet plan helped me a lot thanks

belaku said...

Very useful article...I would like to know why is sweating profusely recommended and a woman is forced to wear scarf,sweater,socks even in the hot months of feb,March there a scientific reason

Unknown said...

Hi am akshata that's healthy diet most helpful to me thanks for all....