Huli Anna /Tamrind Rice

Hulianna is Pulioggare's lesser known cousin. One of the rice dishes that are destined to be lunch-box-hits!
I make a big batch, leave it in the refrigerator. Heating up each serving as I pack Honey's lunch box.

We will need,

Rice                       2 cups cooked and cooled
Tamarind                   size of a lemon (Soaked in warm water for 15-20 minutes)
Huli Pudi /Sambar Powder    1.5 tsp
Jaggery                  1.5 tbsp (crushed, more or less depending on taste)
Peanut Oil              3 tbsp
Green Chillies        2-3 slit
Mustard            1/4 tsp
Hing                   a dash
Onion               1 medium chopped (Optional)
Curry leaves      a hand full
Peanuts              a hand full
Salt to taste

  • Squeeze and extract as much pulp from the tamarind. Discard the fibers.
  • Combine the pulp, Huli pudi, jaggery in a thick bottomed pot. Cook till the mixture smells fragrant, about 20 minutes. Set it aside
  • In another pan, heat oil. Toss in the mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves, green chillies, onion and peanuts one after the other. Cook till peanuts are toasted. Set it aside.
  • To assemble, stir in the cooked tamarind into the rice, a teaspoon at a time. Check the taste and stop mixing once the desired taste is achieved. I like it with a lot of tamarind, MIL likes with just a hint!! So play with it...Adjust salt.
  • Finally mix in the onion- peanut takda with the rice and enjoy...


Nithya said...

I really love the tangy taste of this rice a lot :) looks really yummy :)

Rach said...

If I have not mistaken, puliyogare/ puliyodare is also known as hulianna. In halegannada, puli or huli meant tang and yogare is anna or rice. So, its supposed to be a tangy rice. I love tamaring rice. I have a post in my blog on tamarind rice, you may be interested to have a look at it. Looks so yummy here :)

Unknown said...

wow.. yummy rice.. my fav rice..

Kannada Cuisine said...

@Nithya, srikars Looks like we all love it

@Rach, I do agree Pulioggare literally translates into Huli-anna but then there are two different recipes for Huli-anna and Pulioggare. I will post the pulioggare recipe later. Pulioggare does not have onions and has sesame and other spices. Will do another post.

Vanamala Hebbar said...


Rachana said...

Wow! The picture is so beautiful and the rice looks so tempting :-)

Sudhir R said...

Great photograph. My compliments. Though I you should make it fresh all the time.