Mysore Pak/ Chickpea Fudge

The sweet equivalent of Bisibelebath is probably Mysore Pak. Nothing represents ‘Karnataka’ better than Mysore pak after all the dish carries our Cultural Capital in its very name. The other day I was really amused when I noticed somebody writing about Mysore pak that it is originally from AP! Quite did not know Mysore was in AP. Oh! yes it is official, the dish was invented in the Mysore palace kitchens.

The legend is that the Mysore Maharajas were very fond of this particular sweet. “Guru Sweet Mart” in Mysore is still was once upon a time  the Mecca of Mysore pak and used to supply the sweetmeat to the palace as well. Recent reviews are not as favorable though. "Guru Sweet Mart" you still rule!!!I have still struck to “Guru Sweet”… I still make it a point to grab their Mysore Pak when ever I am in the city. When in Bangalore I buy Mysore Pak from ‘Sri Krishna Sweets’ Malleshwaram or ‘Venkateshwara Sweets’ Chickpet (Could be Balepet as well, very close to Upparpet Police Station). Sorry  Sri Krishna Sweets, Sorry Venkateshwara Sweets and Sorry Tazza Mithai, you all loose, It is still "Guru Sweet Mart" all the way. Look at this piece of Manna from  the heaven. No fancy packing, only pure ghee and unbeatable taste. I am sure they do 1:5 Gramflour: Ghee and the mild cardamon flavour the just hoovers around in the background.Oh boy! I love it.

Mysore Pak is a delicate dessert. The consistency should be that which melts in your mouth in seconds and it should be so rich that you cannot go for seconds. But you find plenty of inferior versions, some that are as hard as Peppermint candies! Do not skimp on Ghee if you desire velvety smooth Mysore pak. Stay clear from Vanaspati or oil. Also, good Mysore pak should have very few hole. The ones that have holes would have been made commercially, more out of economic considerations than love! therefore, less rich but more in quantity and do not rank high in terms of quality. Unfortunately in the case of Mysore pak, inferior imitations seem to be more popular than the original!!

During our long life in Mysore, mom used to make it very frequently. Of late she had stopped making it because of health considerations. None of us are as young and none of us can justify such pleasures anymore.. Back then things were different. Our butter vendor used to visit us for fortnightly butter deliveries. The resulting ghee was too much for the four of us to finish. So the day before the appointed butter delivery, mom used to make Mysore Pak to use up the remaining ghee to make way for fresh ghee the next day :) What a plan. She used to alternate Mysore pak and Cake. So effectively, we got to eat Mysore Pak a week or so every month. Back then we were still not into 'stealing' from the racks and dabbas, so it indeed did last may be a week or so. Here is the amazing Mysore pak.

Serves 20
Per serving: 407 calories: Protein 1.3 g: fat 33.28: Fiber 0.65

Chickpea flour/ kadale hittu/ Besan 1Cup
Sugar 2 Cups
Ghee 2 ½ to 3 cups

  • Take a tbsp of Ghee in a skillet and toast the Besan till fragrant. Set it aside.
  • Grease a tray. Set it aside.
  • Melt ghee and set it by the stove. Keep ghee and Besan handy.
  • In a thick bottom pan combine sugar and a scant ¼ cup of water. Dissolve the Sugar and  bring it to ‘one thread consistency’. i.e. when you pinch the syrup between your wet thumb and forefinger you should see a single thread running between them.
  • Reduce heat to low. Sprinkle a tbsp of besan and a little ghee on the syrup and mix well making sure there are no lumps. Be careful, the mixture splutters and potentially scald. Repeat till all the ghee and besan are used up.
  • Keep stirring till the mixture leaves sides and lumps together into a big porous ball. Pour onto the greased tray and let it cool. Cut it into desired shapes and serve. Generally the sweet is generous in serving. But I cut them into 1”*1”*1/2” for our lifestyle justifies just as much!! Enjoy.
Again to get authentic Mysore Pak, never skimp on the Ghee. Pure home made Ghee will give the best results.


Savi-Ruchi said...

abba.., bayalli neeru tadedu kolloke agtha illa Smitha.., I would not want to prepare it now as I am trying to diet :p, however I dont mind eating just one ;)
Very true about the places you have mentioned.., I love Guru sweets Mysore pak & also.., Sri Krishna sweets Mysore pak. I used to buy them in Indiranagar branch..,

Sudhir R said...

Great post. Will immediately buy from shree krishna. I prefer the one with more holes, does this contain less of ghee??
The compostion, lighting everything was perfect with the photograph.

notyet100 said...

just the name of malleswaram brought back so mny memories,..:-) mysore pak looks yum,..

Tina said...

Fudge looks yummy and perfect...

Lakshmi said...

I will go home and take that Bombay Tiffanis Mysore pak dabba and start digging into it! :D you made me crave for some now! mesoor means besan thats how it got it's name antha odida nenapu nodi.

Ms.Chitchat said...

The thought of Mysore Pak makes me drool. Krishna sweets and mysore pak goes hand in hand. Looks very tempting.

Sarah Naveen said...

simply superb..yummy yumm!!!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Parcel madana andre diet antiralla!

More holes means less rich, ya less of ghee and a minute more in the stove yields a lot more in quantity than it would otherwise :)

@notyet100,Tina,chitchat, Sarah thanks!

Howda! E definition gottiralilla ri.. Innu swalpa history dig madbeku hagadre :)

Vanamala Hebbar said...

thumba changi bandidhe recipe is little bit changes..looks like ur method is also nice..will try next time.

Rachana said...

Fudge looks so yummy!!!!

Cicily Antony said...

just love mysore paaks...ur's looking so yummy

Sahana Kumar said...

hey... mysore pak.. hesaru kelkudle bayalli neer baratte..kolkata sweets ge famous but nam mysore pak tarah yav sweetu illa...nan ivatte mysore pak madi nam yajmanrige surprize kodtini...

thanks a tonn for the recipie

Arathi said...

Right recipe....channgi tuppa(ghee) hakidrene ruchi. Namma mummy madta idru same higene......thanks