Anda Kalimirchi Hydrabadi

My family is pretty diverse when it comes to culinary tradition. Our family has of course grown in number with new members bringing in their own traditions along. My BIL is from Coorg, my eldest cousin has strong Hydrabadi roots, born in north Karnataka and lived in Kerala for close to two decades. My SIL is a tambram. So all of them have brought in their own array of delicacies. So our food spectrum has widened over the past few years. Personally, my tastes have been affected greatly by my oft traveling father and related relocation. However, the comfort food has always been what we grew up eating. That is essentially south-Kannada cuisine. Most of which are already on the blog. So instead of trying something on my own to post, I have been asking my folks to contribute their favorite recipes. Starting with my eldest cousin, he is a connoisseur of great foods. His family is known for their Hydrabadi style food. I hope this is just the beginning of a series of contribution!!

My cousin says this particular dish goes well as a party food/ finger food. Of course more so if accompanied with good Whiskey!!!! it is also a good way to start eating eggs if particularly averse to eggs.

Anda Hydrabadi

Serves 6 ||  Calories per serving  130 Kcl || Protein 6.3 gm ||  fat 11.5 gm || Fiber 0.05 gm

Organic Eggs 6
Coarsely ground black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Vegetable Oil 2 tbsp

  1. Wash eggs. Fill a wide mouthed pot with cold water. Place the eggs. Cook till the eggs are hard boiled. Cool, crack the skin open and slit the eggs horizontally.
  2. Heat oil on a Tawa/griddle. Arrange the eggs, yolk side up. Sprinkle pepper and salt generously. Drizzle some oil.
  3. Once the eggs are golden flip the eggs. Sprinkle some more pepper and salt. Cook till the yolks also are golden on the edges. Serve warm.


Asha said...

It's wonderful to grow up with so much diversity in the family, you learn to respect other people for who they are, not just by what you hear since you know the people and their cultures! :)

Eggs looks yum, simple but very tasty and healthy. I make them too but with more spices, have one in draft. Hoping to see more and more traditional dishes here.

Recipeswap said...

Will be happy to learn more karnataka recipes as well as traditional one.Easy Eggs!

Unknown said...

I make boiled eggs and sprinkle salt and pepper.. tava fry sounds good.Will going to try them. Pic looks good as well.

Lakshmi said...

Eggs look yumm Smitha. I agree with Asha, you learn to respect other people for who they are when you are in multi cultural environment.

suvi said...

nice reading this post, I grew up in a very nationally integrated fml - an aunt from gujarat, another from TN - and it made my life that much richer.

Eggs to me are the most versatile of all foods. We love these with pepper and kala namak. Yum.

foodielover said...

Its great to know that you grew up with so much diversity in your family.You get to know different cultures that so good. Eggs look easy n so tasty:)


Siri said...

I am an ardent egg-lover, this is perfect for me!..anytime.


Sudhir R said...

Well what can I say!
Thank you and I was right the photograph is perfect.

Kannada Cuisine said...

U r so right..It inculcates a degree of openness that is hard to come by otherwise :)
Keep watching the space for more!

Tawa makes t slightly crispy and of course reduce some of the 'eggish' odour.

@ Aquadaze!
I am sure u have a fabulous time sharing recipes with family members

@ Nina and Siri thanks a lot

@Sudhir! I hope u like it:)