Jelly Cream

Mom loves jelly. So we had a great time with jelly this summer. There was a time when the instant jelly mix in the box contained gelatin therefore unsuitable for our consumption. And then there was vegetarian agar-agar that tasted more like figments of cardboard than jelly. But these days they have great tasting vegetarian instant jelly mix. I had a great time this fall with these jelly mixes. We also tried various combination and had great tasting desserts. This particular combination is something we all loved and enjoyed. Looks great on a holiday table as well.


We will need,

Instant jelly (strawberry flavour) 1 package
Heavy whipping cream ½ cup
Sugar 2-3 tbsp
Dates chopped
Cashew chopped
Almonds chopped as desired

  • Prepared jelly according to the package instruction. Once set cut it into1 cm*1cm*1cm cubes.
  • To prepare whipped cream, freeze whisk and a bowl for at least 30 minutes. Whip the cream over a bowl of ice till it increases in volume. Add sugar a table spoon at a time and keep whipping. Continue till all the sugar is used up and the stiff peak appears on the cream.
  • To assemble the dessert, take Champagne flutes, drop a few pieces of jelly on to the bottom of the flute. Layer some whipped cream followed by some dry fruits and nuts. Start with jelly and repeat the layers topped with nuts and fruits. Serve immediately.


Lakshmi said...

slurrp.. eekade parcel kalsi swalpa :D looks soo yumm

Tina said...

Wow... cool and pretty jelly..

Sudhir R said...

Wow! Tempting, Great photograph.
Past 3 weeks my holiday diet continues and I am hogging all That I want to and this looks so... Yummy