Mutton Saaru / Mutton Curry

I had never in my life ever thought I did be cooking meat in my kitchen. It has been a long journey. There was a time, when i could not stand the smell of meats even when cooked. But I have overcome some certain barriers. Now I do cook mutton because my honey loves mutton! So this is my way of pampering my honey!! This is a very popular meat recipe in Karnataka.

Last sunday, we got some lamb from one of the halal shops. We had no idea that in India mutton mostly meant goat and not lamb. So for the sake of information, people trying to buy mutton here in USA should go for goat instead of lamb unless they know what they are buying! We got to know about the goat-lamb difference from a more knowledgeable friend only after having got lamb!

Lamb/Goat 1 lb
Oil 1 tbsp (optional)

For the spice mixture
Copra/ Dessicated coconut 2 tbsp
Garlic 2 big cloves
Ginger 1/4 "
Cloves 4-5
Cinnamon 1/4"
Green chillies 8 and above
Black Pepper corns 12-14
Coriander fresh 1 small bunch
Mint a handful
Onion 1 small

  • Toast the dry coconut on a hot tawa for less than a minute till fragrant. Set it aside to cool
  • Grind the ingredients for the spice mixture into a smooth paste.
  • Heat a wide bottomed pan. When the pan is smoking hot, drop the lamb pieces and do not disturb it for at least 10 minutes.
  • Turn the pieces over after 10 minutes and sear the other side for about 10 minutes. There will generally be a lot of grease right in the meat and it will not require any extra oil. But if the meat appears dry add a tablespoon or so of oil.
  • Now add the spice mixture and cover. Simmer for at least two hours adding water in between.
  • The meat easily falls off the bones when done. Serve hot with steamed rice.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting karnataka recipe love it

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sounds good i will try today

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Good information on Indian recipe. thank you for sharing.
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