Chow Chow Bhath

Saturday was my Honey's birthday! So I treated him with this breakfast..Chow Chow bhath is Upma also known as Khara Bhath and Kesari Bhath served together.
Here are the recipes, Upma and Kesari bhath

Chow Chow Baath

Needless to say he loved it! It was a matter of minutes that we were licking our spoons! ( I love licking my plate @#i know it is yucky but..@#.. But well a few years ago it was mom yelling, 'STOP IT WILL YOU.. It is inauspicious to do so' Now it is my Honey,yelling 'U R Disgusting!' So no licking plates yet!)

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Lakshmi said...

Many more happy years to your hubby. Chow Chow bath temptingagi ide ri