Aloo Bun

These days, the sun sets at around 4 PM here. That evenings come so early, both me and my honey we start craving for Iyengar bakery snacks. That is when we grow home sick. Just to beat the home sickness, I remind myself of Bangalore traffic, my home sickness disappears almost immediately.. In fact I tried this strategy on my honey as well, it seems to work! So folks, whenever you grow homesick, especially those of you from Bangalore, just think of Bangalore traffic, it will make you feel better.

Coming back to Iyengar bakery, i have mentioned it so many times, and I will keep missing it. In fact last night in my dream, I had just landed in Bangalore and in full view of MIL, i am pigging my way through Khara bun, sweet bun, Aloo bun, puffs, etc etc! That is a true foodie right! So last evening, we started craving for aloo bun. Obviously, there was no time for preparing my own dough, also here in this cold, i wonder if yeast will do a good job. So I took some help from the grocery shop. It worked out fine! I was confused when it came to selecting the dough at the grocery shop. Finally i settled for Crescent Rolls, not only because it is looks nice, but also because it is rich buttery and moist. Makes a great pair with the savory potato filling.

Aloo Bum

Serves 8 ||  Calories per serving  196 Kcl || Protein 3.5 gm ||  fat 9.6 gm || Fiber 1.6 gm

Crescent roll dough store brought 1 pack of 8
Potatoes 2
Onion 1
Green chillies 4-5
Curry leaves 5-6
Oil 2 tbsp
Mustard 1/2 tsp
Hing a dash
Salt to taste

  • To get a head start, chop the potatoes, sprinkle a little water and microwave it on high for 2-3 minutes.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard, Hing and curry leaves. Once it is done spluttering, add diced onions.
  • Cook onion still soft and add potatoes. Sprinkle some water, cover and cook till potatoes are soft-tender. Set it aside and cool.
  • Read the instruction on the crescent roll package. Unpack and lay out the dough triangles. preheat oven to 375 F.
  • Take a spoonful of potato filling into the centre of the dough triangle.
  • Roll it starting from the broader end, pinching the smaller end at last.
  • Place the rolls on an un-greased cookie sheet and bake for about 15-18 minutes.


Savi-Ruchi said...

wow!, you tempted me for aloo bun & puffs. I manage to get something similar to aloo bun in Singapore (not that tasty though), but puff.., no chance...

such a coincidence, even I think of traffic jam in Bangalore & console myself :))

Lakshmi said...

ri, you made me crave for many goodies of Iyengar's bakery, bun looks yummy!

Recipeswap said...

I'm terrified of Bangalore traffic lol.
Nice to stuff potatoes in crescent rolls.Looks delicious.

Sagari said...

dlecious looking aloo buns smitha

Sagari said...

Smitha Can I have your email id plz

Sagari said...
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Unknown said...

Looks like a yummy twist to the crescent rolls, looks really delicious !

Anonymous said...

Where do you get to buy crescent roll dough in bangalore?

Kannada Cuisine said...


I am not so sure where to find Crescent rolls....It is commonly available here in the US