Kimball Farm

This summer was unusually lazy for us; however, the last few weeks really got busy. We were going all around making our weekdays as well as weekends packed tight. So today has been a really rare lazy day after a while. So today i was sorting out some of the pictures and came across a picture of Kimball farms near Lowell, MA. Our dear friends who live in New Hampshire invited us for a weekend getaway. We had a wonderful time, had real good food. Our friend is a wonderful cook! We had lovely Pulao and sandwiches. On one of the days we went to a new Indian restaurant in the area and the food was extremely good. Our last stop was Kimball farm; our friend who is a big fan of the place insisted we go there! thank heavens we went there.

Kimball had a small selection of lunch-brunch. But their highlight is their fresh ice-creams. The place is very very modest, but the variety of ice-creams they serve is amazing. We had never heard of unique flavors including combinations like orange-pineapple, molasses, grape-nut, black-raspberry, etc apart from other normal flavors.
I had never imagined flavors like orange and pineapple can be combined in one ice creams. We loved it, i had never had something so special and something that tasted so good!
I wish they were closer home... and they were open all the year round!

I should think of our friends who took us there; after having been there, i understood what i would have missed had we skipped the place!

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