Yummy Blog Award

Yuppy!!! I got this yummu blog award from easycrafts . This is the first time i ever got an award like this in these six months of food blogging!!! Wow it feels great. Thanks a lot Easycrafts! luv it!
So if i am pass this award on i wud pass it on to
Namratha of http://www.fingerlickingfood.blogspot.com/
Asha of http://www.foodieshop.blogspot.com/ but i look at their blogs, they have already received it !! Being lazy to spend more time on blogspot and learn more techniques to handle my blog better!! (like getting the picture to run all the time in one of the corners on the blog!!!)

Until then, the yummy blog award is passed on to all those not so html-techonology savy but still attempting to make their blog look decent!!! ;-)

Cheers!! This to party!!! Hic hic hurr......zzzzzzzzzz

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Asha said...

HeHe!! Thank you eco Smith. Enjoy your award and thanks for thinking of me too!:)
Go to customize on the top right of your post, go to edit layout and choose add a page element. Click on the add pic and transfer the photo from Picasa to there and save. You will get it on the side bar.