Habanero Habba!!!

Habaneros!! the very name makes me break out in sweat. The other day i was just doing my favorite pass time!! browsing the aisles of the super market... Right on the chilly aisle, there were these stubby orange peppers.. they looked cute. I read the name - HABANERO! I remembered they were supposed to be hot chillies, hotter than jalapenos. But Jalapenos are nothing to me and my family. We fry them up and eat it in our Bhajjis!! and they are yummy. So my adventurous instincts prodded me to buy a few of those. I got 4 of them, used three of them in a chicken dish for about 1/2 a kilo of chicken. ...The story began after we ate the chicken.. my first mouthful was OK....The second mouthful was a bomb-blast in my mouth.. I am sure there was steam oozing our of my ears and nostrils!! The third mouthful was the nuclear disaster.. and that was it!!! We stopped eating.. i had to mix it up with rice and other other stuff to make it milder.. we ate the diluted version though..
One thing about habaneros is the sweet flavour in the background. Its actually good to be used
in chutney, pickles.. because it is extremely hot but rather sweetish in the background.
Anyways it will be some time before i sue it again in my kitchen.
This definitely was the hottest chilly i have had in my life... The hottest i had just once in my life was the bhoot mirchi pickle. During my hostel life in JNU, we had a dinning tradition where we did share pickles, chutneys etc on the dining table. Pema, my Tibetan hostel mate one day got this bhoot mirchi pickle. She offered me a taste cautioning me on the level of heat in the chilly pickle. I took it rather lightly. Because being a south indian, exposed to Andhra spicy food, i thought i was very well equipped to handle the heat. But i was wrong.. i licked the bhoot mirchi pickle just the way we lick our pickles before actually eating it with food!! and that was the last thing i remember! It could see the whole universe... the sun, the stars, the planets, the comets everything!! How will i ever forget it! Recently i was reading the article on chillies in wikipedia.. I got to know that Bhoot mirchi is the hottest chilly on whole planet earth! I knew it after all i had burnt my intestine fiddling with it!!!


Asha said...

Careful with that! My fingers burn just by touching that. Dangerous spice!:)

EC said...

I cannt eat if there is a bit more of chilli pd...cannt even imagine about this spice