Sweet Chariot Style- Pineapple pastry

Well yet another craving struck me the last week. This time around i really wanted to eat the pineapple pastry right off the Sweet Chariot Pastry shop shelf!!!! The juicy, melt in the mouth pastry Bangalore style has always been the most successful way to melt my heart! In fact i during my college days, one of my friends made up with me after a hot headed fight by getting one of these for me! me alone! Those days obviously we could not afford one whole pastry per person with our meagre pocket monies.. so what we used to do was pool and share! Going Dutch??? not in case of Sweet Chariot stuff!!!
But later once we were through the college and in recent years (recent for me means no less than 3-4 years hee hee) good pineapple pastries are available for a steel in nondescript bakeries.Of these my favorite happens to be Bunny Bakers 9th block Jayanagar. That is where we order our birthday cakes these days. Yummy ymmy pastries!! This is my short cut for a not-so bad result. Me and my partner in crime we managed to finish half of the huge pastry in one sitting (We were supposed to checking the taste ..not eating the pastry... )I just managed to save a tiny bit for the photograph and well i should confess it is not the better off part of the pastry.

Here is what we will need.

White cake mix (I used Betty Crocker super moist)
Pineapple rings in its own juice-1 can
Heavy cream 2 cups
Eggs water vegetable oil (as called for on the cake mix box)
sugar 0.25 cup


Bake the cake according to the instruction on the box. Set it aside to cool.

Mean time. Chill the cream in refrigerator overnight. Put the beater and a metal big metal bowl (to whip the cream) in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. When you are ready to whip the cream, take a bowl bigger than the chilled metal bowl and drop some ice into it. Pour the heavy cream in to the chilled metal bowl, set it on the ice bowl and start beating it on a low speed(i use a hand held blender). The cream gets frothy and will sort of emulsify. Add sugar a tablespoon at a time and increase the speed. When the peaks begins to get stiff, stop beating.
Now for assembling the cake. Cut the cooled cake horizontally into two even rounds. (Alternately you can bake the cake in two identical cake tins)
Now chop half the pineapple rings into a fine pieces. Reserve the juice. Lay the cake halves on a baking sheet, with the cut-open sides facing you. Sprinkle the pineapple juice gently on to the cake sections. Do not over sprinkle it or else the cake will end up being soggy. Once both the sides have been sprinkled just enough juice, spread the chopped pineapple on the bottom section of the cake.Spread a generous layer of the whipped cream.Carefully lay the upper section of the cake on the bottom section. Cover the cake with the remaining whipped cream and decorate it with the remaining pineapple rings.
The cream covering can be as generous as one wants. I try to cut down calories (hehehehe what am i saying after eating everything) So i used 2 cups of cream. If you are not looking at you scale, by all means go ahead and whip up as much cream as you want.. I just love whipped cream but then cant eat too much of it!! Also I restricted the cream layer to just one. But upto 3 layers, same procedure will be terrific! Just that all the cake sections need to be sprinkled with the pineapple juice before they go on to perch on top of the pineapple-whipped cream layer.

Luv it!! yum yum yum yum

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Smita J said...

Thanks for the recipe! I would not have thought about adding the juice to make the cake moist. I visited B'lore after 10 years and had this - still delicious!